Milton Roy

Milton Roy is the world’s leading manufacturer of controlled-volume metering pumps that set the industry standard for performance, accuracy and durability.

G Series Macroy® / Milton Roy, Series G

Series G™ dosing pumps are electric motor-driven pumps with mechanical diaphragm liquid ends. Simple, economical and rugged, they offer great flexibility and a wide selection of liquid ends compatible with most chemicals. With a corrosion-resistant plastic or aluminium housing, depending on the model, they are based on two technologies previously only used for intensive-use industrial pumps: variable eccentric drive and stroke adjustment. Series G™ is made up of three dosing pump models, covering a very wide flow range (up to 1,200 l/h) at an excellent quality-price ratio.


Versatile: dosing of all known reagents

Continuous 24-hour operation

Wide flow range

Dry running without damage to the pump

Set flow rate accurate to within ± 2% over the range from 10 to 100% to meet the exact needs of your process

Automatic flow control

Proportional control via automatic flow adjustment (VARIPULSE® options)

Minimal pulsing and no water hammer (low output pulse) protects pipes

Few moving parts for long service life and reduced heating

Light, compact pumps for a small footprint and ease of handling

Minimal maintenance with pumps lubricated for life

Centrac™ Series

Centrac pumps combine a unique constant stroke length drive mechanism and electronic variable speed drive technology. The unique drive system provides a steady state accuracy of +/- 0.5% over the entire turndown range. This is twice the accuracy of the standard +/- 1% of most metering pumps. Greater accuracy means better control of the treatment process and more efficient chemical usage. In addition, these pumps offer a 100:1 turndown ratio. The advanced design enables the pumps to respond instantly to changes in dosage rate, making it the ideal metering pump for a wide range of flow rates in water and wastewater treatment applications.


Simple but robust design for reliability

All moving parts are submerged in oil

Instant response to dosage changes

Precise feedback signal

Efficient drive sizing

Mates with advanced HPD liquid end for maximum performance

Economical duplex configuration availability

Compact design with a higher capacity in a small footprint

Low maintenance

Capacity range between 0.45 gph minimum to 550 gph maximum

Discharge pressures up to 9,000 psi (Centrac S), 1,575 psi (Centrac B)

Maximum stroking speed at 162 spm

± 0.5% steady state accuracy over 100:1 turndown ratio

Simplex or duplex configurations

Maxroy® Series

Milton Roy, Maxroy A,B & D
The MAXROY pump is specially designed for pumping specific products, including viscous products. With its industrial design and absence of any dead volume, it can pump and dose products with a viscosity of 3,500 cP and meets the specific requirements of food type applications. Guaranteeing a dosing accuracy of ±1%, even at low pressure, and a controlled life cycle cost (service lives in excess of 20 years have been recorded), the MAXROY is the ideal pump for numerous dosing operations.

Advantages / Long Service Life and Safety

Original diaphragm technology giving a service life of more than 20,000 hours(*), due in particular to its specific shape which only operates by unrolling, thus avoiding any elongation or creep of the PTFE

Leakproof seal provided by a single PTFE-coated or double PTFE diaphragm

The toric design of the diaphragm increases the leakproof seal

Hydraulically protected diaphragm

Depending on the type of product pumped, and the service and installation conditions

Control of the Overall Cost

Internal safety valve operating in the oil, protecting the pump against overpressure, in particular if there is a blockage in the suction or discharge tubing or accidental closing of the valves

Diaphragm can be re-used (single diaphragm)

Maintenance is easy and does not require any special tools


The absence of contour plates enables all types of fluids to be dosed: slurry, viscous, clear, corrosive, toxic, volatile, abrasive, inflammable
Compliance with the API 675 standard on request

Numerous Options

Special valves for any type of fluid (H2SO4, viscous or abrasive liquids, polyelectrolytes, etc.)

Screw or flange connections (ANSI, DIN or ISO, or food grade)

Electronic and pneumatic actuators

Stroke counter

Frequency inverters


Milroyal® Series

Milton Roy, Milroyal D
MILROYAL D pumps were specifically developed to produce micro flow rates at medium and very high pressures. Their flow rate/pressure performance, ranging from 0.11 l/h to 345 l/h / 500 bar, means that they can be used for numerous applications with dosing accuracy of ±1%. MILROYAL D pumps are particularly rugged and can operate in the severest of conditions, such as on offshore platforms, in the desert, etc., and the oil bath gives moving parts an exceptionally long service life.

Benefits / Micro FlowRates and High Pressure

Dosing from 0.11 l/h

Maximum pressure: 500 bar

Half a century of experience in micrometric flow rates Unrivalled design

Unrivalled Design

API 675-compliant

Exceptional moving part service life (oil bath)

Diaphragm dosing pumps:

  • Integrated safety valve protects the pump fully against any overpressure
  • Double or Triple diaphragm options ensure high levels of safety for users, the process and the environment

Operation in the severest of conditions for instance when integrated in a chemical injection package

Mroy® Series

Milton Moy, Mroy Xa & Xb
Created in 1959, and enhanced and improved over the years, the mROY is one of the most popular dosing pumps in the world.
Its high performance, reliability and durability (service lives in excess of 30 years regularly observed on site) have made it an industry standard.
With its flow rate/pressure characteristics and its very compact footprint, the mROY dosing pump meets the requirements of numerous processes and applications.
Its many advantages explain why so many customers choose it for integrating the most complex dosing systems (chemical injection packages).


Economic. Unbeatable quality/price ratio

Controlled total operating cost

Wide flow rate/pressure range

Ideal for continuous operation (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Suitable for simple applications as well as those demanding the highest performance levels (API 675 compliant on request)

Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance

Very few parts: low life cycle cost and easy maintenance


Can be integrated in a chemical injection package or a plug-and-play DosaSkid

PTFE diaphragm protected by two contour plates

Internal safety valve operating in the oil, protecting the pump against overpressure, in particular if there is a blockage in the suction or discharge tubing or accidental closing of the valves

Primeroyal ® Series

Milton Roy, Primeroyal
The combination of their design, which enables them to operate in extreme conditions, and their modularity makes PRIMEROYAL® dosing pumps suitable for a large number of industrial processes.
Comprising 5 types of mechanism, the PRIMEROYAL® range provides accurate dosing of all types of fluids at flow rates that can reach more than 70,000 l/h.
With over 50 years’ experience in dosing equipment for industry, Milton Roy Europe’s industrial dosing pumps provide you with Safety, Reliability and High performance.

Benefits / Wide flow Rate/Pressure Range

Flow rate from 0.1 l/h to more than 70,000 l/h

Flow rate accuracy: micrometric system for stroke adjustment

Up to 500 bar as standard – 700 bar as an option

Multiplexing possible up to 10 heads

Unlimited Adaptability to Suit your Processes

Compliance with the API 675 standard

Flow rate accuracy and stability ±1%, even for very low flow rates and high pressures

Diaphragm liquid ends guaranteed leakproof

Operation under the most extreme conditions

Wide selection of liquid ends and options

Modular design for customised dosing (fully adapted to your specifications, even the most complex)

Mechanism without stroke adjustment available on request

Can be integrated in a chemical injection package

Proteus™ Series

The New PROTEUS™ Communications Model adds support for Modbus RTU and Profibus (Process Field Bus) DP protocols to facilitate high speed, 2-way communications. This allows plant operators to link devices from different vendors to a central SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system for control, monitoring, and troubleshooting activities. PROTEUS™ metering pumps are mechanically actuated diaphragm pumps driven by advanced variable speed technology to address specific requirements of chemical addition in water treatment. All three configurations of PROTEUS pumps – Manual, Enhanced, and Communications – also address the process control requirements of a wide range of applications including water and wastewater treatment, agricultural, chemical, oil & gas; power generation, pulp & paper, and textile industries.

Whatever your application, the PROTEUS™ series is ready to outperform and outsmart your most demanding application.
A mechanically-actuated diaphragm pump driven by advanced variable speed technology to provide the most accurate and reliable performance in the industry

Expanded capacity to 53 GPH (201 LPH) to meet a wider range of specifications in the same footprint.

Refreshed user interface making programming inputs and out puts easier than ever.

Remote connectivity enables control and feedback in real time.

Universal power supply provides maximum flexibility (100-240V, 50/60 Hz) to power your pump.

Multilanguage navigation (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese) offers convenient operation in the field.

Innovative drive system creates superior +/- 1% steady state accuracy over 1000:1 turndown ratio for greater flexibility in handling difficult chemicals.

Optional liquid-end materials (polypropylene, PVDF, and 316L Stainless Steel) to maximize the life of the pump in challenging environments.

Mechanically actuated diaphragms provide easy maintenance with years of field experience.

Rugged construction with NEMA 4X/IP 65 housing and protective cover protect in the harshest environments.

Modbus RTU and Profibus DP enabled for 2-way communication

A Comprehensive Product Offering

Increased capacity to 53 GPH (201 LPH) to meet a wider range of specifications in the same footprint.

Refreshed user interface making programming inputs and outputs easier than ever.

Advanced 2-way communications via Profibus DP or Modbus RTU protocols

Innovative drive system achieves +/-1% accuracy and 1000:1 turn-down.

Milton Roy, Lmi Range

The LMI range’s electronically-controlled electromagnetic pumps are light and reliable. With more than 8,000 possible configurations, these pumps are covering various applications and processes.
LMI pumps are designed for use with the simplest as well as the most complex processes by means of their control interface, which uses a 4-20 mA signal or a physico-chemical controller.
With their corrosion-resistant plastic housing and mechanical diaphragm liquid end, they form an accurate, rugged dosing solution that has been tried and tested over many years.


Reliable and rugged

Fully compatible with most chemicals

Liquid ends for high viscosity (HV)

Accurate even at very low flow rates from 0 to 10 l/h

Flow rate adjustable from 1 to 1,000 ensures that process requirements are accurately met

Highly adaptable

Versatile programmable models

External control pulse multiplication and division for series AA9, B9 and C9

Microprocessor control of functions for series AA9, B9 and C9

Reduced maintenance: electromagnetic control requires no lubrication or cleaning

Proportional dosing

Protected electronics

Small footprint


The Megaroyal process pump is ideal for high volume applications and can provide a flow rate of up to 12,680 gph or 211 gpm (48 m³/h or 800 L/min) with discharge pressures to 3,655 psi (252 bar) in a footprint that is up to 25% smaller when compared to similar competitive options.
You get the reliability you have come to expect with Milton Roy pumps, but we’ve added unique features that make it cost effective, easy to install and maintain, and powerful enough to meet all of your chemical dosing needs.

Megaroyal process pump has been specifically designed for performance, minimal maintenance, and longevity

High reliability in critical chemical delivery

Up to 25% smaller footprint

No cooling system required

Diaphragm life up to 20,000 hours equates to long-term cost benefits

A lubrication system reduces wear, minimizes maintenance, and extends equipment life

Special seals minimize unwanted leaking

Modular design for convenient installation and maintenance

Megaroyal Model B Performance Data

Max Discharge Flow: 60m3/h (15,850 gph)

Maximum Discharge Pressure: 400 bar or 5,800 psi (PTFE Diaphragm)

Maximum Motor Power: 75kW

Temperature Range: -10°C to 150°C (14°F to 300°F)

Flow Adjustment: VFD + Variable Frequency Motor

Poweroyal ®

This pump features specially-designed liquid ends that assure head integrity, seals that minimize unwanted leaking, and a lubrication system that reduces wear and extends equipment life.
Available in several models to handle a wide range of pressure and flow rate combinations, the Poweroyal® pump is ready to take on the toughest conditions.
Powered to constantly move liquid within a fixed volume, this API674-compliant pump can handle acids, bases, corrosives, viscous liquids and abrasive fluids.

Designed for maximum performance in minimal space

Specially designed liquid ends reduces friction and stress

Self-tightening seal minimizes unwanted leaking

Constructed of the highest quality of materials to minimize wear and tear

The pump’s optimal efficiency means it consumes less electrical power

Increased life through advanced technology and design

Performance by the Numbers

Maximum discharge rate of standard design: 32,757 gph (124,000 l/h)

Maximum discharge pressure of standard design: 10,152 psi (700 bar)

Maximum motor power: 315 kW

Operating temperature: 22°F to 302°F (-30°C to 150°C)

Top-Entry Mixers

Mlton Roy Helisem Mixing Range

The HELISEM range, with 250 standard models, is designed for economic mixing solutions. Mixing is often at the heart of your process and optimised mixing can provide you with

Savings From Several Aspects:

Shorter treatment times > Less heating, etc. required.
Fewer deposits > Less waste to be treated
A better quality product > Higher added value
A higher reaction efficiency > Fewer by-products
Lower power consumption > Lower electricity consumption and better protection of the environment
Reduced maintenance due to simple, reliable design > Lower maintenance costs in terms of parts and labour

Custom-Engineered Side-Entry Mixer

Our side-entry mixer is mounted quickly and easily to the tank flange and delivers the most effective blending results in an extremely efficient unit. Our innovative small diameter SABRE® impeller allows for reduced energy consumption and easy installation.
In addition, we can ensure proper agitation using numerical simulation of fluid flows (CFD). This helps to forecast and predict the storage tanks mixing with no dead zone, and lower energy consumption compared to conventional solutions. We can also provide an adjustable agitator to increase the scope enclosure.
The side-entry mixer concept is driven by four top priorities: safety, reliability, process optimization and easy, cost-effective maintenance.

Large Mixing Volumes
The mixer is designed for tanks up to 200,000 m³ (1.3 MM barrels). The high liquid jet amplitude propelled by our impeller allows the moving of large volumes using less power.

Easy Installation and Maintenance
This compact, side-entry mixer has been designed specifically to mount on the lateral flange of the tank and with lightweight, custom impellers, it can installed quickly and easily. Its exclusive seal shut off device allows for safe, fast and easy maintenance or replacement of the mechanical seal without emptying the tank.

Low Power Consumption
Our innovative, proven SABRE impeller uses less energy to effectively mix the tank contents.

Fixed or variable angle

Belt or Gear driven

316L Ball for variable angle configuration

High efficiency 4 blade Sabre® impeller

Tank shut off device

Carbon steel construction, single mechanical seal

Operating capacity: from 100 m3 to 200,000 m3 (1.3 MM barrels)

Rated power: from 7.5 to 55 kW (10 to 75 HP)

Rotation speed: from 200 to 1,500 rpm

Operating temperature: from 0° to 250° C (40° to 482° F)

TEFC, EX Proof, IEEE 814 available

Chemical Injection Package

Milton Roy, Dosaskid

Turnkey solutions ensure an installation, decrease operations (administrative and operational) and also reduce supplier list.
DosaSkid® successfully addresses these challenges and brings real added value to dosing pumps.
With its expertise in the design of dosing pumps and experience in building chemical injection packages, Milton Roy Europe has developed the DosaSkid®, a “plug and play” metering device which is ideal for preparing, storing and injecting chemical solutions.

The modules (dosing and storage of fluids) are stand alone and can be assembled as necessary. Adjustable, flexible and offering a

Minimal Footprint, DosaSkid® are Available:

with a 316L stainless steel or C-PVC tubing
with or without storage tank (316L stainless steel or HDPE; from 60 up to 1,500 litres)
with a range of additional accessories.
Milton Roy configurator allows, with only few mouse clicks, to build the right dosing solution to fit your technical and commercial parameter. All the documents are automatically generated and they may from then on be updated to meet additional requirements.

Features and Benefits

Easy and fast installation: only the hydraulic and electrical connections need to be made

Modularity: 1, 2 or 3 dosing modules with or without tank; accumulation of DosaSkid® units possible; 2 piping and tank materials available

Process adaptability: interchangeable pumps for easy adaptation to process changes

Reliability and Safety: trade practices and NPSH respected; risks associated with piping connection errors avoided; metering equipment and piping protected

Simple, rapid maintenance: easy access to components; modules 95 % identical

A single supplier ensures proper installation operation: time savings (design, diagrams, negotiation, administrative operations), costs controlled

Recognised know-how: pumps and accessories included in lists of approved suppliers to the largest companies


ATEX zone 2 upon request

Milton Roy, Accessories and Automated Devices

Milton Roy Europe also offers a wide range of accessories and automation devices to complete the installation of its dosing pumps, including safety valves, back pressure valves, pulsation dampeners, actuators, frequency inverters and calibration pots, etc.