N2 Packages

PSA Nitrogen Generator

PSA (pressure swing adsorption) is an alternative technology for air separation, able to produce a continuous stream of nitrogen by means of air filtration.
High quality compressed air passing through carbon molecular sieves, placed inside two vessels, separates thanks to carbon porosity.
Oxygen is adsorpted into molecular hollow, while nitrogen passes through and is collected as product of the process.
Alternative cycles of adsorption and regeneration of carbons give continuity to production. Air pressure and timing of cycle’s control leads up with to requested purity.

Membrane Nitrogen Generator

High quality compressed air can be separated by means of membranes composed of synthetic hollow fibres.
Their permeating walls let pass through water vapour, CO2, and oxygen, while residual gas, mainly nitrogen, goes along the fibers and is collected as product of the process.
Thanks to air stream’s pressure and temperature control is assured maximum membranes performance in any ambience conditions.
This leads up to requested purity with better energy efficiency.

Cryogenic Plant Air Separation

the air separation can be performed by means of cryogenic technology that liquefies the high quality compressed air stream and separates its elements through the distillation process.
this system manages to supply gaseous nitrogen and oxygen and, if requested, small quantities of liquefied gases.

Oxygen Generator Psa-Vpsa

PSA technology can be used for Oxygen production too, by selecting a different molecular sieve.
The process is exactly the same already described for nitrogen.
VPSA technology is used in massive production of gaseous oxygen.
High quality air stream is blowed at low pressure into molecular sieves placed inside two high capacity vessels.
Regeneration of sieves is realized by means of vacuum generated by a pump. Alternative cycles of adsorption and regeneration assures continuous massive oxygen production at low pressure with high energy efficiency, caused by use of a blower instead of a compressor.
If high pressure oxygen is needed, a booster integrate the process.